What we offer for both solutions:

  • Meticulously designed furnishings, practicality, rationality and efficiency
  • State-of-the-art energy facilities equipped with the latest photovoltaic and wind power systems with storage batteries
  • Heating with the latest generation of heat pump condensing boilers
  • Photovoltaic-powered heat pump and air conditioning in every room
  • Innovative light and cross ventilation system (designed by the owner). The system installed on the terraces makes it possible to live in the open air (dining, drinking an aperitif or reading a book), without the annoying problem of mosquitoes or various insects
  • Armoured door
  • Volumetric and perimeter alarm
  • Anti-robbery system
  • Smoking area (only) on the terrace
  • Golf cart included (one cart per property)
  • Covered indoor parking space (one space per facility)
  • Charging station (private) for electric car
  • Gym (only in villa Norma)
  • Tasting room (only in villa Norma)


Not only accepted but welcomed. Possibility of taking them on the ‘La Guazzetta’ course or (by reservation only) dog-sitting service provided by qualified, animal-loving people.


Two championship courses, the historic Lolli-Ghetti (18 holes) and La Guazzetta (18 holes), double driving range, double approach zone, double approach bunkers, large, multi-level putting green.

Club House

Spacious and cosy, restaurant and bar at your disposal.


Welcomed by the friendly staff, you will find various ways to play. Pro-shop to indulge in shopping. Discounts for our guests.


This is the Prince of all topics. The Aperitif was born in Turin (Vermouth Carpano), a par four as the crow flies from where I was born (S. Anna hospital) and will be handled and served with passion as many times as possible during your stay.


Guided tours of the area’s numerous wine cellars with the opportunity to taste and appreciate the wine of this beautiful area, lovingly described by the producers and myself.
Excursions and tastings are also possible in the Astigiano, Casalese, Roero and Langa areas.


It is difficult, indeed almost impossible, to eat badly in these areas from the bar-trattoria to the star awarded restaurant, you will be guided in the choices you prefer according to your pleasure and needs. There are special agreements with some.


Guided tours to the Infernot of Fubine, the Columbian Museum of Cuccaro. Routes: Alba and its towers, the Barolo road, the writers’ villages, the castles, Moleto, the giant benches, Vignale, the Ceretto grape and much more.


Evening wine tasting, vertical tastings of Barbaresco, horizontal tastings of Barbera, Grignolino (the wine of the Popes) and much more. Participation of local characters who will entertain you with amusing anecdotes and grotesque situations. Golf and wine enthusiasts. Home cooked dinners. Theme evenings (under the stars without the mosquitoes).


Covered and enclosed garage with direct access to the house, charging station for electric cars, vehicle washing and sanitising service, babysitting, wi-fi, solarium, Golf courses (federal masters), cooking courses, wine courses for beginners, Latin lessons.


Super-equipped cart (fridge, mosquito repellent fan, safety storage and emergency brake), with photovoltaic recharging and pitching included. (Cart recommended for travel within the club only).
Electric carts or hand carts are healthier.

Dog Friendly La Guazzetta course!

Golf is best enjoyed in company, especially if you have your most faithful companions beside you. The La Guazzetta course at Margara welcomes your little big friends, provided you follow these simple rules of peaceful coexistence, which we remind you of below:

  • Dogs must be kept on a leash;
  • You must always clean up and deposit your dog's waste in a plastic bag before throwing it in the bin;
  • Make sure that your four-legged friend does not disturb the players by barking;
  • Tees, greens and bunkers are sensitive areas, so walking or lingering with your dog on them is prohibited;
  • You are responsible for any damage caused by your four-legged friend, to the course or to other players.
  • We would also like to remind you that dogs are not allowed on the terrace, the driving range and the entire Club House area.

We would also like to remind you that dogs are not allowed on the terrace, the driving range and the entire Club House area.

We thank you for your attention and wish you a good game.


Cart with field pass included. Three different types:

  • The beautiful (apple red);
  • The elegant (creamy white);
  • The restored vintage (anthracite black).

The trips

All trips are organised by Nevio Grubessich and include:


Accompaniment to the site of the tour by private car or minibus, the timetable will be adapted to the client’s needs and decided at the time of booking or, if possible, on the spot.


Explanation, description and amusing trivia, illustrated by passionate, knowledgeable and competent people.


Advice on possible purchases and discounts on wines. With payment for the excursion, discounts will be applied to all participants, so as to avoid the old-fashioned ‘free excursion and high wine prices’ proposals.


Possibility of tours in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Piedmontese, Lombard and Genoese.

Some proposals


Includes a guided tour of the chosen wine cellar plus tasting of all the wines present at the time.
Duration 1½ hours plus return journey.

Cost 30€ per person

Classic gourmet

Includes a guided tour of the winery of your choice plus a tasting of all the wines present at the time, accompanied by 4 typical local dishes.
Duration 1½ hours plus return journey.

Cost 45€ per person

Classic with a walk

ncludes a guided tour of the chosen wine cellar plus tasting of all the wines present at the time.
Duration 2 hours

Cost 40€ per person

Classic gourmet with a walk

Includes a guided tour of the vineyards, the wine cellar plus tasting of all the wines present at the time in combination with 4 typical local products. Duration approx. 3 hours plus return journey.

Cost 50€ per person

Only the brave

  • Departure after breakfast in the direction of the Langhe, coffee break (the only non-alcoholic stop of the day) in a very characteristic little place..
  • Arrival at the belvedere of La Morra, walk through the alleys for a first contact with Barolo and continue to the visit and tasting of a historical wine cellar.
  • Second stop in Barbaresco, walk through the village and climb up the tower with a view of the Tanaro river that forms a bend just below Barbaresco. In Barbaresco we will also visit a historic winery.
  • Around 13:00 lunch at the restaurant.
  • After lunch, departure for S. Vittoria D'Alba for a visit and tasting of the Rabino winery and, for those who are able, a half-hour hike through the vineyards. Last stop before returning from this "only the brave" day, Vignale the Gaudio winery to discover Grignolino the wine of the Popes.

Cost 150€ per person

Discovering the Rabino family

Producers who intend to practice ‘sustainable viticulture’ by harmonising traditional know-how with new cultivation methods.

The company is family-run, Tommaso Rabino is the head of it with his wife Maria and son Andrea, oenologist who follows the work with his wife Annalisa and daughters, Francesca, Chiara and Agnese.
History, family and tradition are the ‘witness’ that five generations now exchange.
This is the succession of generations with the same intentions and in the same environment.

The municipality of Santa Vittoria d’Alba is located in the Roero, an area to the left of the Tanaro river, opposite the Langhe. Over time, a radical diversion of the Tanaro, accompanied by soil corrugation, had devastating effects on the physiognomy of the environment. The Rocche, magnificent natural clefts on the watershed, are the conspicuous consequence. The soil is medium-textured, sometimes light, on a marly layer, but always permeable, so that the crops are subject to important conditioning. The climate is continental, dry and bright. The estate’s vineyards, facing south, south-west, are conducted with the criterion of producing high quality grapes while respecting the environment.
The varieties cultivated are Nebbiolo, Barbera, Arneis, Favorita and Moscato.

Tasting and guided tour of the ‘Prince’ of wines

The Barbaresco

The Barbaresco producers (social wine cellar) and other small producers are the focus of this experience, the heart of those who will illustrate and introduce you to this wonderful wine beats in this spectacular, unique and somewhat magical land.

Understand, interpret and inebriate yourself in the uniqueness of these places, so many sensations zero nonsense.

Cultivated grape variety Nebbiolo

Bibe cum Gaudio

The winery, or better said the Gaudio family, interprets some of the most important and historic wines of Monferrato with skill, professionalism and commitment.

Varieties grown: Grignolino, Barbera, Freisa, Cortese and Malvasia di Casorzo.

Agreed establishments

Biancospino’s Restaurant

A small family-run restaurant where all dishes are prepared in full respect of grandmothers’ recipes!

You can eat homemade pasta and agnolotti (stuffed pasta), tripe with beans, Bagna Cauda (warm oil, garlic and anchovy soup), and Bollito misto alla Piemontese (Piedmont-style mixed boiled meats).

The wines on the menu also come from wineries in the Monferrato, Casalese and Astigiano areas.

In our restaurant you can choose to eat à la carte or take the tasting menu.

30€ per person (drinks not included).

Taste & Art in the kitchen

Proposal for dish delivery or home chef

For the menu for each dish:

  • Starters from 10€
  • First courses from 13€
  • Main courses from 15€
  • Desserts 8€

These prices are for home delivery.

In the case of a home chef service, €60 extra.

In addition to these two services, I am also available for cooking classes, to which you can include dinner with what you prepare,
starting from 80€ (depending on the type of menu) per person
for the one with dinner included while the one without starts from 50€.

Ai Due Olmi RO.MA Restaurant

Ferraro’s Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the beautiful setting of the Margara Golf Club.

The excellent quality of the fresh food products combined with the skillful hands of our Chef give life to a cuisine linked to the territory with a touch of creativity. There is no shortage of fish dishes to satisfy all palates.

To accompany our dishes you will find an excellent selection of local and national wines.

You can choose from the à la carte menu or our menu proposals consisting of a first course, second course and dessert.

35€ per person (drinks not included).

+39 0131 778 990

Stop&Go Car Wash

EXTERIOR wash only
INTERIOR wash only
Interior sanitisation
Leather seat treatment
Fabric washing

Our other services:
Checking tyre pressure and levels and topping up if necessary
Replacement of bulbs | LPG cylinders

Possibility of car pick up and drop off directly at your home
at no extra cost