Who I am

The conductor of this ‘journey’ is
Nevio Grubessich

Born in 1963, from Turin, even though his father’s origins are Austrian, he has worked in the world of craftsmanship for 40 years cultivating three passions that he now manages to unite under one roof: efficiency in hospitality, food and wine (he is a great wine enthusiast and connoisseur) and an immense love for golf and his club, Golf Margara.

Writer by chance, he published two books: the first in 2014 entitled: ‘Area Margara 51 (Even Martians Play Golf)’.
The second in 2019 entitled: ‘Golf a Lucid Madness‘.
He donates all proceeds to the elderly in need.

An inveterate goliard, in 2012 he invented the CSVH (Secret Hostess Evaluation Commission).
He will tell you about this and other amusing initiatives, if you are interested, during your stay.
He begins his adventure in the world of hospitality in 2022 at the ripe old age of 59.

In 2023 the third book ‘The investigation of the golf master (The emperor’s golden putter)’ comes out.