Because in this adventure you will be guided by the experience of someone who has spent his life researching everything he proposes.

Attention, care, commitment, regard, maniacal organisation from the big to the small (the most beautiful) things, organised and efficient tranquillity to make you feel good, friendliness, countless proposals and a lot of sympathy.

And of course Golf!

From waking up to bedtime in a comfortable, special and even a little bit magical environment, your holiday will be tailored to your needs, organised and experienced in a setting that respects the past and tradition, with an eye to the future.

  • Energy self-sufficient;
  • 95% recycling;
  • Sanitised and disinfected environments;
  • Local products;
  • Security and Privacy.

Golf is like life:
One day you think you have it all figured out
and the next day you feel like an imbecile.